Friday, November 16, 2007

opening tomorrow at Crussell Fine Arts

Crussell Fine Arts Presents
A Group Show at the Crussell Fine Arts Studio / Gallery
November 17 – December 8, 2007
Opening Reception Saturday November 17, 6 – 10pm
By appointment after November 17th
Group show: Stephen Anderson, Jim Caron, Yaya Chow, Greg Damron, Carlos Diniz, Julie Easton, Pamela Grau Twena, Frank O. Gehry, Françoise Issaly, Eva Lake, David Michael Lee, Mark Leysen, Dana Lovell, Christina Ponce, Matthew J. Price, Jason Ramos, Danica Ristow, baby smith and Guy White plus experimental music by Kebe Fox.

Gallery Location:
Crussell Fine Arts
Batavia Palms Business Center
2324 North Batavia Suite 105, Orange, CA 92865
I am hoping that people will love my work down there because I have a big road trip fantasy in mind. Hauling my little paintings into the backseat and off I go, to see Steven Larose first in Ashland, then to see a bunch of crazy artists in the Bay Area and then on down to So. Cal.
I even have half-sister down there, about a half hour away from this gallery. We met the first time when we were in our 30s. I have never visited her down there, but I was not a driver til just recently. So I am hoping the stars align and that it will soon be time...


man-child dude from the æther said...

Wish I could be there, but alas, I live in hinterland territory. But, it would be so cool if Keith Zygote could show up and flash his keen insights on the matter. His jib cuts mighty fine. Best of luck to you and all participants.

Anonymous said...

Hey man-child dude from the ether,

I still wonder if indeed it was THE keith from the notorious Fried Abortions (one of Jello Biafra's fav bands)(supposedly).


scrapatorium said...

Best of luck!

Fish or Cut Bait said...

You HAVE to come.
541 951 0955.
(Some time before (or after) the pass gets gnarly).

Anonymous said...

HEY Steven!

Yes, I know about that pass. And I don't really have the car for it. Maybe March is best.

Thanks, scrapatorium. Cheers.


Anonymous said...

your pieces are breathtaking!!!!!, eva.....electric! i'll be posting pictures from the opening soonly enough.

missed your call today. i was in the orange county museum of california art at the time. :/ and i hope i get to meet debra while you're here.... she sounds cool, just like her sis!


Anonymous said...

Glad you liked the pieces baby. I wish I coulda been there but next year, watch out!