Tuesday, November 27, 2007

richter scale

The show was delivered (44 paintings!).

The card was mailed.

A catalogue was made (mucho thanks to Prudence Roberts and William Stanton).

Phew! Maybe I can get back to writing now.


m. said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! i very much look forward to seeing the show when i am down in pdx later this month!!! and the catalogue is BITCHN!!!

julie said...

These look most Xcellent!
Good Luck!!!!!

Anonymous said...

eva, the paintings look really swell...good luck!

Anonymous said...

why, oh why, can't i live closer?

you are genius + 2.


Carolyn said...

Catalogue!?? This is fantastic. I can hardly wait to see your show and you. Super congratulations!

mary klein said...

Congratulations, Eva - your work is gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

THANKS everyone!


Fish or Cut Bait said...

Please put a stamp on a card and send it to:

123 B. Street

you know the town.

cary said...

the card looks great!
and a catalogue- very cool
cant' wait to see it

Anonymous said...

Steven, postcard is on its way.
Thanks Cary... I hope to see you there...

amy said...

Eva, your work is amazing! I just found images of your work online about a month ago. Your blog is a bonus. I will definitely be making a trip up to PDX to see your show.

I just had an opening down here in Eugene at the Wandering Goat. If you pass through Eugene this month, please stop by!

Here's a link

Thanks for looking!

Anonymous said...

Amy, good luck on your own show and thanks for visiting.