Wednesday, January 16, 2008

new targets

Awhile back I wrote about using targets in art. It was on my mind because I did it a lot in the past and wanted to somehow get back there. It was not all out of my system.

Perhaps I will paint them someday. I don’t think they completely belong to Kenneth Noland or Jasper Johns at all.

All of these I have done since it became 2008. They all have something to do with drugs, drink, death and women. (The scans are not the best as they are bigger than usual and I stitched it all myself.) (I love Natalie Wood.)

I’d love to do some with Liza’s mother, Judy Garland, if I had the right images. She’s the first casualty really, or at least the biggest one that I can think of. Her story just rips me apart. I recall when she died – I was just a kid, but I knew that she was always in the tabloids our neighbors had around, sort of like a Britney of those days. She had a young husband and all this tragedy in her face. And the biggest talent, the biggest voice.


American Genius said...

This is an ingenious idea. This idea and series is very impressive.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, American Genius!

m. said...

judy and liza are favorites of mine as well (how could they not be?!?)...

one thing that's always stuck with me about judy: in some documentary or other it was posed (by a friend i think) that behind the scenes judy tragically never believed in her own talent, that she was always afraid of being exposed as a fraud.

i don't know if that's true (how could someone with a voice like that think that!?!?), but it's food for thought, anyway...

p.s. and i agree with american genius about this series, eva. you MUST show it somewhere(s) important...

Anonymous said...

Thanks, m.

That brings us to an interesting topic... where indeed would I show these works? I mean, a good place?

A dealer told me that "You should only be known for one thing the first few years."

I then told him: "It's too late."

But it is difficult showing both. Sometimes I don't know what to pitch to whom. The only time I showed the photomontages in the recent past (outside of group shows) was at PSU. I had actually given them slides of paintings... but then thought, at the last minute, to give them some digital print-outs of collages in the package. It was an afterthought, but it was what got shown...


m. said...

these look very los angeles to me...

not that i would know so much as one should about that place to make such a pronouncement (but you would).

i think they could also do very well at greg's up here in seattle.

or monte clark up in vancouver bc.

or hell. why not the big one. go nyc.

or tokyo.

think big.

these are big.

they have far-reaching resonance...

m. said...

make a nice little hardbound book of twenty-five to fifty of them and send them around to twenty-five top galleries in assorted cities. see what happens.

never used these people before, but here's one option for the books:

go singular for a while. dedicate yourself to the target. dream the target. become the target. see what happens.

just a thought.

Anonymous said...

Lulu are the ones who made the catalogue for the show in Orange with Jeffrey Crussell. And that catalogue looks good.

I had thought that once I recover a bit from producing that painting catalogue ...which took a lot of energy....that I would indeed try to get together one with photomontage.


-carywd said...

damn, those are great
you really should consider letting me show your photomontages

Calvin Ross Carl said...

I hope you don't mind (and I am sure you don't), but I linked to this blog on my blog.

And I don't think targets are necessarily owned by Kenneth Noland and Jasper Johns. But I do think they are trademarked by Target department stores.

All kidding aside, these montages are amazing. The targets work very well when using women that are often objects of our desires. Who knew a target could raise thoughts of feminism. Although, weren't Modernists really just competing to show who had the biggest dick anyway?

I would love to see them (the montages, not Modernist dicks) in the flesh someday.

Anonymous said...

Hey CRC,
Here's a better link to your blog post.

And thanks!
Because all of this (you too Cary) is encouraging me.

- Do we need encouragement? Hell yes.


Carolyn said...

Eva, you are so prolific. I agree with m., Los Angeles and book form (both). Keep them coming.

I used to work at a place where they were listening to tape recordings of Judy's last days when- obviously from a day she was very was very sad.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Carolyn. I made art for many reasons but one is to fight depression. When I am making it, at least I am not going down that tunnel.

Isabelle said...

Dear Miss Lake,

I used one of yours collages on my blog. This blog,in french, is dedicated to the Creativity,, the blog is free and without ads, I hope you do agree.
Thank you for the collages "Target"
it is a true joy for the mind.
Isabelle Lecomte
brussels, belgium