Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Lately I’ve been reading Writing Fiction. There appears to be no set formula outside of this: Read a lot. Write a lot.

Makes complete sense to me, but I was almost shocked to see it so plainly stated. In the world of fiction, there actually appears no set, rigid method to success. Some writers get a formal education. But more often than not, fiction writers become an expert of their own observations and this is what they write about, like a criminal who writes about crime.

It’s very much how I initially conceived of being an artist. Go out and see art, the best you can find. Come home and make it. At night, read about it. Repeat. But I think you will find fewer and fewer artists who actually “make it” coming out of this lifestyle.

In the world of books, the leverage is in your ability to tell a story. Mind, of course you have to write it and write it well but that questionnaire we discussed awhile back will never, ever give you a page turner.


m. said...

i find that is the formula for pretty much any endeavor in life. keeping your ears and mind open to people you genuinely admire in the chosen field sometimes doesn't hurt, either, but, back to basics again, studying their work often renders better result depending on your style (and theirs).



p.s. that has to be one of my favorite targets to date...

Anonymous said...

m, how nice to hear from you. Hey I am honored because I know you were banned from the Internet.