Sunday, February 3, 2008

Maria T. D. Inocencio at Nine

When I first met Maria, she was working on a show called “The Tree.” The Big Leaf Maple in her small yard had to come down, so what she did was photograph it, save the seedlings and stumps and various parts and then exhibit the whole thing. Viewers could walk away with parts at the end of the show. Our backyard still has one of her seedlings.

One of the walls from that show had a huge photomontage of the tree. The show “Walking,” which just closed at the Nine Gallery, had a similar process going on. Each wall had a photomontage of a record of a walk – or in the case of one project, several walks.
In April she will have a big project up at the South Waterfront with Mark R. Smith.

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Anonymous said...

hi eva...just watched the three or so videos that you have made over the last few weeks. they are lovely. L.