Tuesday, March 4, 2008

studio visit with Steven LaRose

I write from a cheap motel in Ashland, Oregon. I grew up in this neck of the woods. My grandparents lived in Ashland, while I lived out on a dirt road called Dark Hollow, kind of in the middle of nowhere (at least it used to be). It’s nice to see the sunny skies again.

Through the Blogger Show, I met a lot of artists who keep blogs. Steven LaRose was one of them – painter of considerable skills who just had a show at Kristi Engle Gallery in LA. We made a short video about some of those works and others in a brief studio visit here.


Anonymous said...

Steven has a short post here about out time together, plus photos with Matthew Picton, another artist based in Ashland.


Steven LaRose said...

That was fun Eva. We sometimes feel so stranded here between Portland and San Francisco. It was great to meet you and flesh out your written words with hand gestures.

Thanks for letting me watch the mysterious lipstick application method as well. Byzantine was it?

I think I'll remember our discussion of Authenticity the most however.

harold hollingsworth said...

nice, looking forward to my visit in the spring or early summer with Steve, he rocks the art!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Byzantine!


Karen Jacobs said...

Like visiting with you in person... thanks to Eva for making it possible. Always enlightening to spend time in a productive studio and gain a much deeper appreciation for what goes on there.

Baby said...

you know why i love this so much???

it reminds me of a virtual 'artstar' or 'art world' a la eva style.

veeeeeeery cool. it made me miss you all the more.

enjoy the journey, hope to see you soon.

byzantine????? gah, i want MY lips to look like THAT. 'fraid it'll take surgery though.... *sigh*