Saturday, April 5, 2008

the Impossibilists at Rake

I was just casually walking around First Thursday and sauntered into Rake, completely unprepared to encounter works by an artist I knew years ago: Tom Cassidy. He was often known by another name: Musicmaster. This is what he called himself for a lot of his mail art activities and poster work in the 1970s.

It was in fact Musicmaster who gave me my first job when I arrived in Portland in 1978. This was no small thing – I was highly unemployable! Of course you can probably be the prom queen these days, looking like I did, but back them most people thought I was some kind of insane hooker. But people actually referred me to him, as a weird artist sympathetic to such and pretty soon I was behind the bar at the notorious Earth Tavern.

The exhibition at Rake has a table full of propaganda from those days, including punk posters made by all kinds of artists, myself included. But what I found most interesting were all the Impossibilist Manifestoes. I can only say that Impossiblism is like Dada – take it from there, think what you will. Tonight the Impossibilitists (including Mark Sargent, another crazy from back in the day) will perform at Rake.

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