Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Jenene Nagy at the Marylhurst Art Gym

At the Marylhurst Art Gym there's also a show called Sitelines, works by Jenene Nagy and Stephanie Robison. In this video Nagy talks about her recent work and how she’s dealing with space and to some degree, with sculptural and painting boundaries. There’s an interest in color too: Nagy tells us that we don’t actually remember color, in that we cannot reproduce it later on. As to memory, I’m willing to believe that it always plays tricks and that perception is in no way universal or even consistent. But as to reproduction, I’m not so sure that experience (and color) cannot be made - some kick-ass painters still taking that on….


Cinque said...

Interesting bit there about color memory. Not sure I buy the work though. I guess as a viewer if I'm going to be denied certain experiential pleasures, then I at least need much meat on the conceptual bones and I'm not sure it's there.

Anyway, seems to pick up on this trend in evidence at the Whitney Bi. "Lessness" they're calling it, not minimalism, but lessness. Yeah, as an artist I believe in lessness, too.

Thanks for the interview!

Anonymous said...

Hey Cinque... so glad someone from half way across the country is checking this out. And giving me comments.

Cinque said...

What do you mean "halfway"? I'm all the way across the country now!