Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Sidney Rowe 1957 - 2008

I don’t recall where I first saw Sidney Rowe’s paintings – maybe it was at PSU or Backspace. She also used to show with Augen. I was knocked out by the work and had her on the radio and then once Chambers opened, we gave her a show. She performed her work by spinning the painting, calling it 360 degrees. We could talk for hours – she was feisty and funny. All along she was fighting cancer, though sometimes it was in retreat. She passed away on the 17th of April.


Anonymous said...

I was just thinking about her the other day, I was wondering how she was doing...I met her once, at chambers when I had come in for the first time and she was telling you about her treatments..that's too bad--laurie

harold hollingsworth said...

she will be missed, the work was so playful!

Anonymous said...

My living room is a tribute to Sid....she was a wonderful friend to me and owe her a ton helping me battle my Meth addiction! She will never be forgotten as long as I am alive and everyone who visits my house can see her art and her shelf I have created and decorated in her honor!