Friday, May 2, 2008

Walter Robinson

Young girls who like to draw may find themselves drawing couple after couple in a lip-lock. I know I did – my early diaries are full of them. Was I looking at Harlequin Romances? Or just too ready for my own adventures?

So I found the images of Walter Robinson’s show of 80s Paintings at Metro Pictures just wonderful: one panting and passionate embrace after another, all rendered like a book cover. The video James Kalm made of his gallery visit is worth checking out. I think he’s right when he says that not only is Robinson way ahead of current painters circling in their search for some sort of authentic intimacy, he feels so much more real, fiery and unstudied. While the work explores a marketed approach to romance, it is still very Romantic. Charlie Finch wrote a good piece about it too.

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Sildenafil said...

Beautiful paintings. What was the technique he used?, because I'm a painter and it has been so difficult for me to get it.