Saturday, June 7, 2008

Richard Schemmerer at Q Center

At the Q Center Richard Schemmerer and Chris Haberman exhibited Icons and Idols. Richard's collages feature chaotic cut and paste (what he refers to as a “green” method) with some good drawing. The subject matter covered here is some of our favorites, local and otherwise: Thomas Lauderdale, Sam Adams, Marlene Dietrich, Divine, Freddy Mercury, Andy, Keith Haring. There's a great portrait of Darcelle here. We had a fun interview.


Richard Schemmerer said...

hi Eva
thanks for coming by at the show
and doing the interview
I hope the TV networks start calling because you are the next Barbara Walters
you almost made ne cry at the end
talking about Marlene Dietrich
and about Bacon and how some of the greates Icons/Idols live very lonely isolated lifes
hope to see you at the fab Wig OUt
on June 12 at Q

till next time

Richard Schemmerer

Anonymous said...

You are very welcome! E

Anonymous said...

richard is the best!