Sunday, July 6, 2008

Mary Josephson at Laura Russo

Mary Josephson works in many different mediums to tell her stories, or “journeys within a journey,” as she calls them, using characters out of her imagination who are often doing simple, everyday tasks. All of these tasks she sees as a part of her own life as an artist. Her present show at the Laura Russo Gallery, Full Length Feature, exhibits painting, mosaic, works on paper and needlepoint. I could be leaving something out. She’s worked on big public art commissions and also works of thread or glass on an intimate scale and we touched on them all in this video.

There are enough videos up now to be able to make comparisons about artists and how they talk about their work. Just as there are many ways to make art, there’s that many ways to talk about it. When I first began Artstar in 2002, there was a real lack of the artist’s voice and way too much emphasis on what the critic had to say. I suspected that often their view had no more credence, background or knowledge – just more opportunity, which of course gives authority. It’s interesting to see what six years has done!

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