Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sketch Tuesdays at 111 Minna

I am back in San Francisco for awhile. Last night I checked out Sketch Tuesdays at 111 Minna. Brad K. Alder curates about 20 artists into this monthly event. They come from all styles and backgrounds. The work is made right there on the spot and then sold for very reasonable prices. It was also a very loud event but I think you can still hear most of what was said in this video. I talked to the curator (above) and some of the artists.

On the way down here I stopped in Ashland and visited Steven LaRose. I met his daughter and wife and famous cat and dog too. It was all good.

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Melanie Banayat said...

Love the idea behind sketch tuesday. Would love to curate something similar where I live in Prescott, AZ.