Saturday, July 12, 2008

Victor Maldonado at Froelick

It must have been a show or two ago where I noticed that Victor Maldonado was moving into the monochrome. His current show Social Studies at Froelick Gallery combines it with his fascination for consumer culture, glitter and formal concerns about painting. We talked the most about his Flood Escalade (detail below), which is probably the most successful piece in the show. It’s very tactile. If you see the video in “high quality,” you can get a gist of the hand of the artist.


Anonymous said...

vic mal is a fantastic swimmer. i always run into him at the gym, and chat about this and that. grocery lists, impressive cars, new trends in good manners, perspectives on post anti-neo-existentialism, polymers & fabric, woodwinds, the trailblazers, sub-saharan horticulture, as well as lesser mundane things like proper citation and contemporary igloo architecture from the native perspective. vic carries himself with the unique balance that only a middleweight boxer can pull off, and the same can be said, abstractly of course, in relation to his work.

i appreciate ms. lake's continued efforts to bring PAC NW artists into the public realm, online, across the airwaves of this planet. a saint of the arts.

alive in the comments section.

Eva said...

Thanks - glad you like.

harold hollingsworth said...

great portrait and wonderful work, thanks for giving us another angle to see and artist and their work!