Monday, August 25, 2008

Diane Jacobs at Disjecta

On Saturday night I went over to Disjecta and made a short video with Diane Jacobs about her new exhibition, “The Writing’s on the Wall.” This show was scheduled for the Portland Art Center and Disjecta stepped in to give the artist their new space. The space also looked great on their inaugural show - I found a video about it here (Dogmandave is quite the reporter). Plus here are some photos from Jacobs' opening night at OPENWIDEpdx.

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Heidi said...

i thought diane jacobs show was just great, and so pertinent in light of what's going on today - i really wish more people were aware of this work, at this particular time! i called a friend to come & join me there & it hit too close to home.
i like ms. jacobs use of the giant piece of notebook paper better than examples by other artists i've seen recently. jacob's usage did not seem gimmicky or cliche.
although i try to read as much paper as possible, i haven't seen this work reviewed - except here - so thanks, eva! i need to change my habits & keep up with the times.
i loved this show, also the Italian silk-screened rock posters in the middle! i'm happy to see disjecta's efforts come to fruition - what a great addition to that neighborhood!