Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Laura Ross Paul at Froelick

What an amazing day and night. In the afternoon I interviewed Laura Ross Paul for this video about her new show (which opens tomorrow) at the Froelick Gallery. Called Northwestopia, the show looks at living in this part of the world, using the figure in landscape. Laura has a very interesting process and technique. What I enjoyed most of all was the investigation into color theory towards the end of the video.

And then the night just got better and better. Along with most of this country, I cried and then went out to dance in the streets. Yelling Yes! Yes! Yes! into the air, Edward barked joyously as the cars passing by honked like crazy.

About two weeks ago I had an incredible dream: Obama was somehow related to my husband’s family and we all got together for dinner. His home was very warm, horizontal and inviting and there were members of his family there from the old country. Then suddenly he had won. I was thinking: Gee, we’ll be able to come over for Christmas and was all excited about being at his house for the holidays. When I woke up, I thought oh my God I love this man. He’s got to win. But I could hardly tell a soul of the dream because the past had been so disappointing and this dream was particularly emotional.

My neighbor wanted the other party. Next time I see him, I think I will just smile and give him Reagan’s mantra from 1984: “It’s morning in America.” Because that’s what it feels like to me.


virginia said...

Goodness won for a CHANGE! We've told the rest of the world of our desire to be a part of, rather than ruling over.
I can say it because I'm just a plebe- this is is the first time I have been proud of our country.

Brit headline "A NEW DAWN"

God Bless our new first family.

Matt said...

feeling of VICTORY!

Sheree Rensel said...

Ha! I have to live vicariously through you Eva. The yelling YES YES YES in the streets sounds so exciting. I live in McCain country. (However, Florida as a whole has turned BLUE! Who-Ha!) I was actually afraid to put my OBAMA sign out in my yard. I was afraid because I had two PEACE signs torched last year. It burned holes in my front yard. Scary, but true.
On Tuesday, I finally said "I am going for it!" I draped a huge OBAMA sign over the back of my car. It felt good. Later that night, Obama was the new president. Now I fear my neighbors will sneer when they see me. LOL LOL I don't care though. It is all worth it. I wrote gleeful blog posts on Tuesday and Wednesday. You can see my sign hanging on my car. I am so happy. I really am!

Eva said...

Here it is several days later and I still have trouble sleeping at night. Trouble in a good way, I am still so excited.