Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Mandy Greer and Darrel Morris on KBOO

Link to the interview archive.

Tomorrow on Art Focus on KBOO I will interview the two artists showing at the Museum of Contemporary Craft, Mandy Greer and Darrel Morris. Mandy Greer’s show (image above) is an installation of crochet, braiding, sewing and beading using yarn, beads, shells, feathers and more. It contrasts an orgy of green against a night sky of black and silver constellations. Darrel Morris presents large works (image below) from the last ten years which feature the stitch on fabric which may seem like drawing to our eyes, yet that’s not exactly what it is. Both of them have really interesting stories on how they got to their unique practices. The museum is hosting a panel discussion which happens tomorrow as well, featuring the artists and the curators Stefano Catalani and Namita Gupta Wiggers.

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