Sunday, January 11, 2009

Susie J. Lee at the Marylhurst Art Gym

Yesterday I interviewed Susie J. Lee at her exhibition Shadow Playing at the Marylhurst Art Gym. Susie told me that she tutors students in math and science and that the parents of girls are particularly glad a woman is the tutor. Her various relationships with females of all ages prodded her to explore what women leave behind or take with them as they mature. The installation at Marylhurst has video and audio of girls (and women) playing, taunting, reciting. The girls are about ten, which I think is a pretty amazing age. Around ten to twelve, we are so much what we are going to be and in fact we can be closer to ourselves than when we are sixteen. It’s like you take this big detour and some of us never come back.


Karen Esler said...

This is a wonderful example of the potential for art criticism/reviews to compliment and expand the viewer's experience.

Anonymous said...

The photograph you made looks like your collage work.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Karen for the comments. I'm not sure how many of these I will do will also doing KBOO.
And I think you're right, Anonymous. Funny how that happens.