Thursday, March 12, 2009

Lewis and Clark symposium

I heard about the Lewis and Clark annual symposium on gender through Andrea Schwartz-Feit. The symposium features many speakers, panels and exhibitions. Two of my Targets will be in an art show in Stamm in the Templeton Campus Center, plus I’m on the “Artist Talk Back” panel tomorrow at 1PM.

These Targets are of Yvette Mimieux, who played one of the adventurous co-eds in Where the Boys Are. I saw this film over and over again as a little girl. In the story, the girls go to Ft. Lauderdale for Spring Break to party and find “love.” No one ever actually says in the film what happens to Yvette Mimieux. Today you would call it date rape.


namastenancy said...

I remember that movie - I lived in Florida at the time and I was so clueless that I had no idea what happened to Yvette Memieux's character. I had a huge crush on that actress; I loved her delicate looks and your collage is simply marvelous. But then, I really like the collage works in this series. Congratulations on getting into a show!

Eva said...

The closest neighbors when I was kid was a family of 3 girls, all older than me. It's like they handed "Where the Boys are" down to me, like you would hand down a favorite outfit. So much so that one of our favorite games we made up was called "College Girls," all based on that movie. But it's true that nobody really understood what happened to Yvette. She went to meet a guy (or some guys) and came back teary, silent and speechless. We never talked about it, in all the times I watched that dumb movie, yet it's the the big thing to strike me now - and you never could tell if the real tragedy was that she was raped or that she was just no longer a virgin (!). And yes, she was the beauty.

CAP said...

It's a shame your JPEGS aren't bigger on this post.

They're knockouts.

Eva said...

Thanks – and here you go:

Target No. 34
Target No.37

She’s on the rocks in the glass and on the beach.

I post small images here because my blogspot doesn’t seem to want to reduce images down for me anymore. It takes up too much space and then cuts off half the image. No doubt I just haven't figured something out...

CAP said...


I remember a really cheesy Pop ballad called Where The Boys Are from that time but can't remember if it was actually in the film.

CAP said...

I half expected this blog to overlap with Steven Larose's Portland visit (on Fish or Cut Bait.

But no Lakeside review.

Anonymous said...

Yes, CAP, the cheesy pop ballad is by Connie Francis. It was very popular and made the movie more so. She stars in the film too.