Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Ava Gardner

Ava Gardner first really entered my consciousness when I got into The Wee Small Hours of the Morning by Frank Sinatra. The story is this great album is the result of Ava dumping Frank. From what I’ve read, he was at his lowest point when he met her and she paid his bills. Sinatra owes a revival in his career to her in more ways than one. She also used her great influence to help him land the role in From Here to Eternity.

While he was a great man, she almost seems like too much of a woman for him. She’s all woman, as they say (that’s why I used the De Kooning - those “women” paintings I’ve had a love/hate relationship with, which of course share her same era). Even the small images I find of her, over fifty years old, come off very lush and big.


CAP said...

The setting to the top one is striking. Why the wilderness bracketed by skyscrapers under construction? This looks very computer-generated, but also makes me think of some contemporary Chinese city, for some reason - and then of course to 55 Days at Peking in which AG starred opposite Charlton Heston.

No sparks there that's for sure. Still I guess that's why Chuck loved his guns so...

The lower one has all those greens! They recall old color prints in mags, a queasiness ('green around the gills') the relative merits of grass on 'the other side', jade and jealousy. Everything's Gone Green, as New Order once noted.

Eva said...


The images are not computer generated but there is a reason you see the seamlessness. They came out of the same magazine (around 1960) - different articles but the paper is of the same quality and age, etc., so there's a unifying effect.