Sunday, April 5, 2009

Eric Stotik on KBOO

A few years ago I curated a project for Trimet’s Interstate Max Line. The final stop of this line is at Expo and for this station I put together Paul Fujita with Eric Stotik. It still looks great. Paul’s work resided in a book, where every page was a layered abstract, collaged journey. Stotik also presented a journey – a painting of railroad tracks disappearing into the dark blue night.

His dark night blues in particular are fantastic. His current show at Laura Russo displays plenty of them. When you look at his work in reproduction, you might think it is large but in fact most of the work at Russo is small and the details are mind boggling. The works are narrative, based in mystery. He makes no artist statements. He’ll be my guest this week on Art Focus.

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