Sunday, April 26, 2009

Guerilla Girl on KBOO

Since I've been at KBOO I've had the opportunity to interview for other programs on the station. (For instance, awhile back I talked to Karen Coulter of the Blue Mountains Biodiversity Project.) On the 28th for Political Perspectives, I will talk to Kathe Kollwitz of The Guerilla Girls about art, women and activism. As you can imagine, I am really looking forward to this. Kollwitz will be speaking at PSU that evening in the Smith Memorial Ballroom as part of the series "Feminist Perspectives in Pop Culture" sponsored by Bitch magazine and PSU’s Women’s Resource Center.


m. said...

may the gg's live forever!! xoxox.

Eva said...

yes m, may they live forever. I know I learned a lot from them.