Sunday, May 17, 2009

Anne Grgich on KBOO

Anne Grgich is a self-taught artist working in the tradition of Outsider Art. She makes books and works in paint and assemblage. She has shown all over the world. She’s also someone who used to live here, traveled all over and now she’s back.

Yesterday I went to her birthday party and she showed me a bunch of books she is working on. Some of these are not “books” as we tend to think of them. They are big mirrors or frames or whatever else she has on hand, sometimes beaded and gilded and totally over the top. Then she mounts them together as though they are book pages. She’s my guest this week on Art Focus at KBOO.


Sheree Rensel said...

Have you ever done a video with this artist? I would love to SEE the work.

Anonymous said...

Hey Sheree, I haven't but then again, she's just moved back to town. Maybe in the future...