Thursday, May 28, 2009

Emily Chenoweth on W+K Radio

Tomorrow my guest at W+K is Emily Chenoweth, who has a new novel out called Hello Goodbye. Previously Chenoweth published a short story in an anthology called The Friend Who Got Away. This novel picks up from that story.

I am right now in the thick of reading the book, which is an interesting place to be when heading into an interview. Some people have raised their eyebrows, as if I haven’t done my homework, but I kind of like it this way. I’m fully engaged and curious and besides, the interview isn’t about spoilers anyway.

The book is based on true life and in another time, another year, might have been a memoir instead. It is also especially meaningful to anyone who lost a parent when young - which I did, and so did Emily Chenoweth. The sweetness of youth is eclipsed by illness and death and things are never the same. Chenoweth has this immense gift for graphically recounting the visual as well as emotional details.

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