Thursday, May 21, 2009

Katherine Dunn interview on W+K Radio

Katherine Dunn has a new book out: One Ring Circus, an anthology of essays on boxing she’s written over the years. She’ll be my guest tomorrow at 10:30AM on Creative Type, my newly-dubbed podcast at W+K Radio.

When I first met Katherine she was not a boxing fan at all. We met at the Long Goodbye’s weekly open mike poetry readings in 1978. By ’79 I was living in NW Portland, her neighborhood. (The Polaroid above is from that era.) Often we met for coffee and cigarettes early in the morning at her place and she would tell me long stories about how she was dreaming up this fantastic character, this hunchback pigmy girl. Ten years later, we had Geek Love.

I was around when she met her soon-to-be husband and had the honor of doing her makeup for her wedding, when I was hardly the professional makeup artist I would someday be. She was incredibly inspired by boxing by this time, but I’m not sure if she was writing about it yet. I left Portland in ’81, gone for sixteen years. But when I returned, we picked up right from where we left off.

It’s an understatement to reveal that she’s been one of the most important mentors and artists in my life. I couldn’t begin to express it, so I won’t try. Katherine of course is a radio pro herself. In all the time I’ve done radio, I’ve never had her on and I am really looking forward to tomorrow.


Scrapatorium - Angelica Paez said...

I am loving your interviews!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Angelica! I enjoy your site too...