Sunday, May 24, 2009

Myles Haselhorst of Ampersand Vintage

This Tuesday I will have Myles Haselhorst as my guest on KBOO's Art Focus. He owns Ampersand Vintage on Alberta, which functions successfully as both a shop and a gallery - and that’s no small feat. Often a space works best one way or another, but Ampersand feels serious about its product, its design as a store as well as what they have on the walls. You could get lost for hours – great art books and ephemera – found images, books, postcards and all kinds of photography.

Ampersand also keeps an interesting blog filled with images and old found graphics. I found the warning about not altering images pretty funny though. Of course they did not make them or generate them in any way but now claim ownership so extensively that they state right in the blog: “You may not alter material or build upon it in the creation of new works.” This is a topic for Collage Clearinghouse indeed! We’ll also talk about their upcoming exhibition of mixed-media paintings by Graham Fracha (see image above) and the kinds of exhibitions they produce.

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