Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sarah Waters on KBOO

Some may call it a guilty pleasure, but I am fine with admitting that I’ve read everything Joanna Trollope has written and with a vengeance. One evening while tracking her down on Youtube, I saw that she recommended a newish novel by Sarah Waters, the Night Watch. I devoured the book, which goes back and forth in time, tracing the lives of gay and straight people working (and loving) literally in the dark during the Blitz in London.

Now Waters has a new book out called the Little Stranger and I’m going to interview her about it this week for Between the Covers. In this story, Waters examines a fragile postwar family who were once glorious in the style of Gosford Park, with its upstairs/ downstairs, family-secret mode. Now they can barely keep the lights on as their immense estate crumbles. The doctor who helps them out is the son of one of their maids of a bygone era, so class issues and transitions abound here as he moves up while they move down. It’s also a ghost story with Gothic touches. Sarah Waters will make an appearance at Powell’s on May 4th at 7:30PM.

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