Tuesday, June 2, 2009

artist book from 1984

One thing John Brodie and I talked about in his interview were artist books – books in the Store and also, his own book making. I do not make books now but there was a time when I made many. I can’t say that every page was a great piece, but taken as a whole they were good.

Recently I heard from an artist I knew well in the 80s, Ginny Lloyd. She was cleaning out her closet: would I like back the book I made for her in 1984? Of course I would, since she’s asking. The name of the book was Darling, as you see above. That photobooth is Ginny and in fact the book was filled with pictures of her.

- And filled with collage, painting, colored and lead pencil drawings and all kinds of stuff. Above you see Bryan Ferry with some keys. What he’s got to do with Patti Smith’s Babelogue next door, I don’t know, but at some point I just start filling in pages randomly. Clearly I am still in the throes of New Romanticism.

You can tell that I have now started my career in fashion and makeup by then - I was a makeup artist living on Sutter Street in San Francisco.

This was also the initial time I was interested in the target as regards women but had not made any kind of substantial statement yet. It’s like I visited the idea but did not commit. When I started the recent Target Photomontages, I was building on the casual work of 25 years ago. That's Veruschka below, one of my favorite models.

The image below is from an even earlier time, 1980.

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