Monday, June 15, 2009

Arvie Smith on KBOO

Tomorrow my guest on Art Focus is Arvie Smith, who has a show up at Beppu Wiarda. He says the show is about the election of Obama, but I see a lot more than that in these paintings and will have to ask him about it.


Sheree Rensel said...

I saw your Tweet about this interview and got my studio netbook set up to listen. I forgot you were in Oregon. So I ended up painting while listening to KBOO all day! I finally heard the interview. It was spectacular. Also, he said a few things that were so timely for me. I needed to hear that! (It is OK to work with bright color. It is OK to paint for yourself!)

One thing that took me aback was when he spoke of how until Obama became president, telling an African American child "You could be president!" was a kind of false promise. However after he said that, I realized telling ANY little girl "You could be president!" is STILL a false promise. You know?
Great interview. Thank you so much!

Eva said...

I agree with you about girls. There's sooooo much I could say about that and might have touched upon it with him, but I didn't want to go there.

Thanks for listening!

Sheree Rensel said...

Oh I understand! You only have so much time when you do your interviews. Also, that would take away the focus of the purpose of the interview. I just had that as a side thought. Thanks for doing these interviews. I love them!