Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Dave Hickey/James Kalm

More than once I have written about James Kalm here. I am a big fan and he’s definitely the inspiration behind my own artist-interview Youtube project. So when I head that he was making a video of at least part of Dave Hickey’s lecture at SVA, I was excited. Before I even saw it, the controversy started. Various powers that be told him to take it down. Kalm has a blog which details the course of events. I don't have a set opinion on whether this is censorship or not. I understand freedom of the press, but I am also one to ask permission. That of course doesn't always produce interesting results!.... I hope these videos stay up.

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CAP said...

From what I can see, SVA have the broadcast rights, and they will make it available online (shortly). Hickey is not actually part of the dispute.