Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Cutters, an International Collage Show

A few years ago I showed at Guestroom, a Portland gallery, with James Gallagher of New York. It was a group show called Paperchase, curated by Jenny Strayer. I’m now thrilled to announce that I get to show with Gallagher again and this time he’s curating the show. Cutters, an international collage show, opening this Friday at Cinders Gallery in Brooklyn, comprises the work of over 30 artists from all over the world. The opening is Friday, the 16th. I can't go, so if anyone out there can make it, I'd love to hear a report.

The works range from Hort and Elroy, both based in Berlin, to Maxomatic in Barcelona, Valero Doval in London, Julien Pacaud of Le Mans, Andreas Banderas of Oslo, Ophelia Chong of Los Angeles and Kareem Rizk of Melbourne. There are artists from San Francisco, plenty from New York of course – I am the only one from the Pacific Northwest.

I decided to send two new pieces. Lately I’ve been working on a small series within the Targets on Jean Shrimpton (above; click on title to see larger image), who was my fashion idol when I was a kid. She was one of the first models to enter my consciousness and she was the face of Mod London. Her photos with David Bailey are fairly famous and for years – maybe decades – I’ve carried around the Harper’s Bazaar which held the big spread of her in all those formidable YSL landmarks, including the Mondrian dress.

I’ve also been slowly mining this one sad feature on MM which came out right after she died. It’s from a salacious movie magazine, the kind which relentlessly rode her hard while she was alive and but turned the page in sorrow upon her death. The above piece reminds me of a record cover, with the vinyl a part of the image. The sacrificial lamb with the man who loved her best.


Fashionable Earth said...

Congrats! We love her - classic style. Thanks for the great post, read ours: http://fashionableearth.org/blog/2009/10/16/jean-shrimpton/

CAP said...


Shame you can't be there. But then again, it is only Brooklyn.

As a student I once did a painting of Jean Shrimpton after seeing her at a fashion show in a big department store. This was in the early 70s, after she'd finished modelling, she was like the guest of honor. The painting never made it out of art school. but she had a strange, reclusive persona.

Her younger sister (Chrissie) was an item with Mick Jagger in the 60's. FWIW

Eva said...

Yes there is definitely something about Jean Shrimpton. I am glad others like her - I've got a goldmine of images from when magazines were big + printed well. Thanks, Fashionable Earth, for visiting and CAP, more about it being only Brooklyn later!

Eva said...

From Artnet's Charlie Finch!