Sunday, October 4, 2009

the Oregon Biennial + A Day of Culture

The Oregon Cultural Trust has given a grant to Disjecta to produce the (now rather homeless) Oregon Biennial. I will have Cynthia Kirk from the Trust, Bryan Suereth from Disjecta and Cris Moss the curator as my guests on Art Focus at KBOO. Kirk will also talk about "A Day of Culture" coming up on the 8th.

The Trust funds and promotes many essential things. When I first heard about the "Day of Culture," I was amused - my crowd gave a lifetime, not a day. Then I heard about the grant for the Biennial and got really interested. That exhibition and process started a big conversation every two years and it is missed. I'd like to put Cris Moss just a bit in the hot seat and find out just what he sees for this show.

Postscript: the show is called Portland 2010.

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I see Fawn Krieger’s show @ PICA gets a nice review from Stephanie Snyder in AF.