Monday, March 29, 2010

Hot Chicks at Art Openings

I've been checking out Hot Chicks at Art Openings for awhile now, wanting to make a contribution. An opportunity came this past weekend when Ashley Sloan had her show at Half/Dozen.

James Lavadour on KBOO

In April PDX Contemporary Art presents Geographies of the Same Stone: for TT by the painter James Lavadour. Jim was once my guest when I did Artstar Radio on KPSU and I still have up a short transcript here of that interview. He’ll be my guest on Art Focus this Tuesday.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Toshiko Okanoue at Charles A. Hartman Fine Art

I just wrote my first recommendation for Visual Art Source, an online magazine associated with Art Ldt. The piece is about the show at Charles A. Hartman Fine Art, who is presenting Toshiko Okanoue right now. The more I looked at these photomontages, so rooted in fashion and fabulous women, the more I made vague connections to my own project.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Cris Moss on KBOO

For contemporary art fans in this town, the last two weekends have been filled with the Portland 2010 Biennial. Disjecta is producing this secession of art events with help from a grant from the Oregon Cultural Trust. Art Focus on KBOO already broke the initial story of how Disjecta received monies from the trust to make a city-wide contemporary art show happen, with Cris Moss at the helm as curator. Moss will be my guest this Tuesday to go over the shows, now that they are all up.

The first group show at Disjecta looked solid but familiar. Richard Speer argues in his review that this is a good thing. He could be right; many of us can’t see every show. Plus I think repeated viewing can tell you just how good or mediocre a piece of art is. The show at the Templeton Building which opened this past weekend felt fresher to me – yet it’s possible that space had something to do with it. I like the feel of that building. I also liked seeing the work of John Brodie, Holly Andres and Damien Gilley.

The back burner rumble I heard was where is the painting? I followed a few discussions on Facebook around it. I’ll ask Cris what happened to it.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Timothy Scott Dalbow on KBOO

Timothy Scott Dalbow has an interesting show up at the New American Art Union called “I Don’t Know Anyone in Paris.” The artist moved into the space, using it as his studio, painting mostly at night. On the opening night, there was only a big white, bare canvas, a couple of rockers lined up as if they were to view the ocean, some small ink drawings and signs of preparation and anticipation. The ongoing process of creating a big painting while viewers come and go over a period of six weeks is the show.

The gallery claims that it’s “an act of reversal and post-studio critique.” I’ve know Tim Dalbow awhile, having shown him at Lovelake in 2003 and I believe he just might have issues with what they call Social Practice. He’s my guest this coming Tuesday on Art Focus and oh, am I looking forward to this interview!

It seems to me that the exhibition crosses many lines and gives us bits of all worlds: it was a minimal, conceptual art show when it first opened. Then it became a full-blown Romance with paint, porn and parties. It is Social Practice on its own order and universe. And of course in the end, we get a traditional art object, oil on canvas.

The website information relates a repartee between Emily Harris of OPB asking the artist MK Guth: why should art matter to me? I am not sure what was behind the question but perhaps uncertain economics have something to do with it - meaning "basic needs" must be met first. But you know what I’ve found? When times are tough, I care more, not less about art. It is the good rock, like pasta and wine and no matter what, you have them.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Linder in Interview

I’ve written about Linder before, when she had a show at P.S.1. Now Interview Magazine provides a conversation between the artist and Morrissey, plus repros of her montages. She’s famous for her “Orgasm Addict” picture sleeve (The Buzzcocks) and other cut-and-paste work she did for that band. Linder also produced a slick fanzine called The Secret Public which I still cherish today.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Beppu Wiarda on KBOO

For the past two weeks I was at MAC school, unable to produce broadcasts for Art Focus. I'm returning this week with a show around the exhibition Proof: Art : Women : Science at Beppu Wiarda . My guests include the curator Lorna Nakell, the art historian Elizabeth Bilyeu and gallerist Gail Beppu. Throughout this month the gallery is presenting discussions every Sunday afternoon around women, art and science.