Sunday, March 21, 2010

Cris Moss on KBOO

For contemporary art fans in this town, the last two weekends have been filled with the Portland 2010 Biennial. Disjecta is producing this secession of art events with help from a grant from the Oregon Cultural Trust. Art Focus on KBOO already broke the initial story of how Disjecta received monies from the trust to make a city-wide contemporary art show happen, with Cris Moss at the helm as curator. Moss will be my guest this Tuesday to go over the shows, now that they are all up.

The first group show at Disjecta looked solid but familiar. Richard Speer argues in his review that this is a good thing. He could be right; many of us can’t see every show. Plus I think repeated viewing can tell you just how good or mediocre a piece of art is. The show at the Templeton Building which opened this past weekend felt fresher to me – yet it’s possible that space had something to do with it. I like the feel of that building. I also liked seeing the work of John Brodie, Holly Andres and Damien Gilley.

The back burner rumble I heard was where is the painting? I followed a few discussions on Facebook around it. I’ll ask Cris what happened to it.

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