Sunday, March 14, 2010

Timothy Scott Dalbow on KBOO

Timothy Scott Dalbow has an interesting show up at the New American Art Union called “I Don’t Know Anyone in Paris.” The artist moved into the space, using it as his studio, painting mostly at night. On the opening night, there was only a big white, bare canvas, a couple of rockers lined up as if they were to view the ocean, some small ink drawings and signs of preparation and anticipation. The ongoing process of creating a big painting while viewers come and go over a period of six weeks is the show.

The gallery claims that it’s “an act of reversal and post-studio critique.” I’ve know Tim Dalbow awhile, having shown him at Lovelake in 2003 and I believe he just might have issues with what they call Social Practice. He’s my guest this coming Tuesday on Art Focus and oh, am I looking forward to this interview!

It seems to me that the exhibition crosses many lines and gives us bits of all worlds: it was a minimal, conceptual art show when it first opened. Then it became a full-blown Romance with paint, porn and parties. It is Social Practice on its own order and universe. And of course in the end, we get a traditional art object, oil on canvas.

The website information relates a repartee between Emily Harris of OPB asking the artist MK Guth: why should art matter to me? I am not sure what was behind the question but perhaps uncertain economics have something to do with it - meaning "basic needs" must be met first. But you know what I’ve found? When times are tough, I care more, not less about art. It is the good rock, like pasta and wine and no matter what, you have them.


virginia bryant said...

is this one of his paintings, or a detail of one?

Eva said...

Hi - I am not really sure. I would say it is a detail of one....