Tuesday, September 21, 2010

september group

When I first moved back to Portland from NYC, there was an artists-night-out at Ringler’s Annex downtown. Artists met every Wednesday night. It started rather late and went on into the night and you never really knew who you might meet there. I believe it was Carl Annala and David Inkpen who told me about it, who brought me along. This became the first time I ever met Storm Tharp, Michael Brophy, Randy Gragg and quite a few others.

I was a babe in the woods as regards pecking order though. And believe you me, there was one. But I still loved the idea of this place you could have a drink and talk to an artist (and I don’t mean an opening - we have too much business to do at those). In bits and pieces I had something similar when I ran a gallery; it’s a place to have a conversation about art. The same goes for radio, but those interviews are of course no place for the profane and the crazy.

On the 13th I celebrated my birthday with a group at a bar. It vaguely took me back to those Ringler’s days. Change and adventure is in the air, coming with the territory of September, uncertain. With a few emails and a Facebook blast, "we" met at Le Happy - where we may not be able to stay as it is rather elegant - artists are often not. But as you can see from the photo, it made us all look rather French. A votre santé!


harold hollingsworth said...

I'd like to come down for this sometime, would that be alright? Would you play escort?

Anonymous said...

Yes Harold, please join us. Every Monday evening - it's now at The Basement Pub on SE 12th.