Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Target No. 54

Target No. 54 (Liz and Debbie)

Recently Eddie Fisher passed away. This was one of those bizarre coincidences as I have been thinking about him lately – or rather, collaging around him. Why else place both Debbie Reynolds and Elizabeth Taylor in the same target?

I have had that perky Debbie publicity photo around for a long time, not sure how to use it. She really only meant one thing to me. She was the bubbly wronged woman, on the correct end of a torrid love triangle. There was a time when Liz meant pretty much the same thing, except she was dark component of the story, the cheating bitch. Unbelievable to consider it now, but there was a time when Elizabeth Taylor’s position in the gossip pages made Lindsay Lohan’s efforts look amateur.

Liz may be ten times the woman Debbie is but for a long time they are both relayed equally, similarly, measured and defined the man they are with. Historically Liz Taylor is very important, yet for much of her life she is reduced to sexy headlines.

Elizabeth shoots up behind Debbie in this piece like a bean sprout. She is the child actress, before she was Liz. She’s in an old coat and scarf, Depression era in feel, but you cannot mar her kind of radiance, which is indicated by the rising star behind her. I think she’s indicating all kinds of things on the rise.

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