Saturday, December 11, 2010

holiday, 2010

holiday 1 2010

As I am rather underemployed, I am collaging for gifts for X. I'll be posting the results over the month.


CAP said...

The eyes on this one kind of remind me of those Richard Hamilton photocollages from the late 60s.

Eva said...

That's a compliment for sure. He was my mainman for years. I have the Art International (about 1970) which had that collage you linked to on the cover. In fact the umbrella on this piece was cut from it.

lucidRose said...

Hi Eva,

I was very pleased to see you have a blog going! I love the card you have made. I do a similar thing each year for the Holidays...I always make my family something by hand. This year I am doing silk painting, scarves for the ladies and ties for the men.
Hand made gifts are always a precious thing. I also love that your particular gift creations are made of recycled images- you didn’t have to buy into the Holiday consumerism fiesta.
...Lookin forward to meeting you and interviewing on Kboo!
-Chelsea Rose

Eva said...

We have things in common, Chelsea. I did a whole collection of chiffon scarves in the 80s. Plus as you know, I did body painting too.
Looking forward to having you on the radio.