Sunday, January 9, 2011

Ben Pink and Chris Haberman on KBOO

Listen to the interview here.

I’ve described Ben Pink previously as “The Godfather,” because his reach was so wide and varied. You could say the same about Chris Haberman. Ben runs Launchpad and Chris has curated more shows that I could list. Launchpad right now is hosting a collaborative exhibition of Chris with Scott Chase called The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (see image above).

As Chris tells the story, he met a “laborer” – that would be Scot - who, to his great surprise, could draw, could paint, had more than a passing art bent. And he didn’t care about “the art world,” he just wanted to make his work.

Actually, I am not so surprised. As someone who ran in the non-art world while still very much an artist, I have met countless creatives who in some way could draw or manifest images - and without much prompting, have their own style. I’m not saying they have the grit to have 30 years of one person exhibitions, but artists come in all shapes and sizes and many are not in the art world packaging.

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