Monday, January 31, 2011

Jesse Hayward on KBOO

Listen to the interview here.

The next exhibition at the White Box will be COLLECT FOUR: Scenes From Portland’s Bleeding Edge. This show includes four artists and is curated by Jesse Hayward.

Hayward claims: "The artists in this show are all, first and foremost, collectors. Ben collects moments. Jason collects motif. Midori collects abstractions while Matt collects simplicities. They are earnest. They emphasize the clean and clear display of their artwork. These are not artists who confuse, misdirect or rely on trickery for effect. These are artists who sample first and filter later. Their early careers run parallel as well. All studied art and show regularly in town. Most participate in art collectives. They are roughly the same age and live in the same part of town. So in this show, we are truly watching different aspects of the same attitude, a very Portland attitude."

The show includes:Matthew Green, Midori Hirose, Jason Traeger and Benjamin Young. It opens today with a reception on the 5th. Jesse will talk about the show on Art Focus tomorrow.

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