Saturday, January 1, 2011

to 2011

Here's to 2011, wherever the road may take you.

I started 2010 going in 2 very different directions. The year held my favorite exhibition ever, but it also seemed very possible that I would take a major right turn. Right turn in every way - corporate, managerial, almost Gestapo. It meant all kinds of things to my body, mind and time but I felt I had little choice.

Then overnight that option was gone. While I reeled and revamped mentally, I looked at my cut and paste table. The simplicity was a balm - 2 + 2 equals a million. It became my major resource for December and suddenly everything that was old was new again.


harold hollingsworth said...

exciting times ahead, on all fronts, look forward to it all, and seeing what develops! Cheers Eva!

nod said...

glad you found a place to relax.. looking forward to more of your thoughts