Sunday, April 24, 2011

Jim Neidhardt on KBOO

This week I will have Jim Neidhardt on Art Focus. He has a show of photographs up at Blackfish. Neidhardt captures the museum ritual of photographing the art experience rather than actually having one. Or maybe the intimate relationship we have with our cameras is deeply imbedded in whatever art experience we have, for better or worse.

(Review in the Vanguard.)


harold hollingsworth said...

god, that is perfect, I constantly notice this over the last 10 years, how no one is looking, they are just snapping pictures, our attention span is so, so short these internet days...

Eva said...

When I was back east, I tried to document my gallery experience. Then the Sonia Delaunay show allowed no cameras. After that, I just forgot to shoot and that was a better place to be.

The review says that Neidhardt claims our relationship with the artist changes because of all this device use. But his photos are all from the BM. I find that interesting because the BM, for the most part, houses ancient art, which does not celebrate the cult of the personality - at least not of the artist, anyway. Ancient art has already ran through many filters.