Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Erik Saxon

Last time I was in New York I traveled to a small but very significant gallery called Minus Space. I saw some smashing work, including a great piece by Gabriele Evertz (whose work Joanna Mattera featured in a cool post about the diamond shape in art). Now I see that Minus Space is hosting a show by Erik Saxon. He means something to me as I saw his work at Modernism in San Francisco while still quite a young artist. One postcard show invite held a black and blue cross-shaped canvas (which I haven’t been able to locate online). I’ve carried that cross around with me ever since, for decades. It’s been in every studio, every bedroom. In fact some time in the early 90s I made my own black and blue cross with rag paper – sort of a collage version of the Saxon piece. I still have that construction too. It’s a mantra and icon rolled into one, valuable to no one but me. I am sure this show at Minus Space is fabulous.

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