Thursday, August 18, 2011

I Made This at WW

Whoa, fresh in from Willamette Week, a good idea:

WW has a feature, encouraging artists to submit their work. It's their hope that I Made This will help Portland's incredibly creative artists and designers find new markets, as well as enhanced attention and respect, for their work.

The feature includes a large color image of the art for sale, information about the artist, the price of the item, how to purchase the work, and the artist's website. You can see I Made This in action in this week's issue on page 54.

Below are the submission guidelines.

Do you have art/crafts for sale and want to feature an item in Willamette Week's I Made This? Send us your submissions! If you're wondering what qualifies as art, ask yourself: Did you make it? Is it for sale? If you answered "yes" to both, send it our way.

Please include:
300+ dpi .jpg
Artist name
Name of piece
Where is this for sale?
contact information/website

email submissions to

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