Sunday, September 18, 2011

Grace Weston on KBOO

Womb with a View

Currently Augen Gallery is showing Grace Weston's Angles of Incidents. Weston will be my guest this coming Tuesday on Art Focus. I was fortunate enough to visit her studio once. She's making magic from a very small set with all kinds of wild parts. I love the humor, the juicy color and the subversive narratives. I'm also lucky to have made friends with her too. We have swapped a lot of stories about becoming - and staying - an artist. One wild ride. I recall one day she told me, as regards some complex and convoluted climb I had detailed: "This is what being an artist looks like." Having a unique view and territory takes years to achieve and she's done it. I can't wait to have her on the air.

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Stephilius said...

"This is what being an artist looks like." Amen, Miss Grace. Can't wait to listen in.