Sunday, September 11, 2011

Whoop Dee Doo on KBOO

Whoop Dee Doo are a part of the PICA TBA 2011 Festival. They will be my guests on Art Focus this coming Tuesday.
From the PR - An all-ages, anything-goes variety show, Whoop Dee Doo enlists diverse participants and collaborates with a wild range of performers—from science teachers and Celtic bagpipers to clogging troupes, drill teams, and drag queens—all for an audience of wide-eyed children. This chaotic mix is an awkward yet endearing experience that embraces a huge range of tastes and sensibilities and strips away divisions between high and low art. While curated by the group, Whoop Dee Doo remains a truly inclusive endeavor that celebrates difference and unabashed self-expression.

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