Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Day Two at Crow's Shadow

I recall James Lavadour telling me that when he learned printmaking his entire concept of how to make a painting changed. I wasn’t sure what would change for me, going into it, save to say that change is the only constant. I rely on it. And just two days into this venture, there’s a distant rumble.

Here at Crow’s Shadow we work with the master printer Frank Janzen. The artists arrive with ideas and visions and he finds the way. I was amazed at how many potential avenues there were to a single idea, all to be knocked down in our aim for the best result. We gain some things and lose some other things. Edges that were once perfect will not be. Conversely, some lines never achieved in my painting will in this print process.

It’s been suggested that my collages and paintings would someday meet. I don’t think so, not truly, but this glue-sticking stencils down to mylar was as close as I have ever gone. The shapes were indeed cut and pasted. I can’t say I understand the entire process, but the white and black forms caught my imagination. I am always creating forms with color; this was a different way of thinking. I started seeing things. My mother, who is an artist, told me many years ago that if you talk about it, you might not do it. So I won’t write too much about it. It’s nice to see it though.

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