Thursday, October 13, 2011

Working Towards the Proof at Crow's Shadow

It’s taking quite awhile to get to that first proof. In oil painting you can add and take away so easily, but the print process takes careful planning. Above you see Frank Janzen with (Crow’s Shadow Interim director) Melissa Bob, are working on the plate. Then you see below the stretch of the palette. A fat yellow and a rich chartreuse will be at the center of this image, holding it all together.

Above and below you see how we methodically laid out where the bands of color would start and overlap each other, similar to how the colors in my paintings mesh and blur.

Then Frank rolled it all out. The plate of color is marvelous. It looks like a Rothko had he been more rhythmic or form-seeking. Or a Dan Flavin if you squint your eyes.

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