Sunday, December 4, 2011

Molly Vidor on KBOO

Listen to the interview here.

There are some nice shows up this month, (anytime Eric Stotik shows, it’s a good month) but the paintings of Molly Vidor at PDX are especially delicious. She titled the show perfectly too: Honeydrippers. These are still lifes juicy and shiny, dark and deep, small yet vast and of course satisfyingly loaded with paint. When I did videos on Youtube, we had a conversation over the big pieces in a show called Destroyer. While everyone throws around the term “Rock Star” these days – gee, we all get to be one – Molly Vidor really is. She looked like one at her opening too, really great. She will be my guest on Art Focus this coming Tuesday.


Anonymous said...

Any relationship to Michael Vidor?

Eva said...

I believe - his daughter.