Saturday, December 10, 2011

My Tree

For reasons too mundane, sad or confusing to mention, I probably will not trim a tree this year. So when I came across this short and sweet reminder at Hyperallergic about the Met's tree (see above), I had to pause. For many years it was the only tree I had. I used to think of it as mine and had no idea at least 5 million other New Yorkers felt the same way. The holidays were a big retail trudge and the upper Museum Mile was the respite. And just as this piece suggests, I avoided Rockefeller Center and walked the extra 30 blocks to the Met.

I am taking a week away from KBOO but when I come back, it will be gangbusters with Body Gesture at Elizabeth Leach. In the meantime, I am collaging small cards, as many as possible. This was how the Anonymous Women broke out actually - they started out as gifts. And then I had to stop giving when I saw the new shift.

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harold hollingsworth said...

you are in my thoughts, hope you are kicking it better going forward, I'm conflicted on trimming a tree as well, but Merry Christmas to you Eva!